Why Haywood Republican Alliance?

Many people are not aware of the fact that very specific rules within the Republican Party prohibit you from exposing other Republicans that are dishonest, manipulate, and skirt or do not adhere to the principals of the Republican Party platform.

So today a group of Honest Republican conservatives formed the Haywood Republican Alliance.

A more detailed mission statement will be forthcoming .

We will be supporting and promoting conservative candidates and continue registering Republicans to vote.

We have laid out a very aggressive events and activities schedule for the year with more activities being scheduled as we speak. A schedule will be posted shortly.

We have created a gathering place for Honest Republican conservatives. We encourage the free exchange of ideas and speech. We welcome your comments and will do our best to keep you all updated.

Stay tuned for more and visit our website at www.hayrep.com

Thank you
Jeremy Davis
Haywood Republican Alliance

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