Vernon Robinson to Speak at HRA

Vernon Robinson will address Haywood Republican Alliance on June 27th at 6:00 pm, preceded by a potluck supper at 5:30PM.

His topic will be his experience over the last 30 years with grassroots activism. This will be a must see for all true conservatives who wish to promote conservative ideas and foster strong conservative relationships. This event will take place at the Haywood Republican Alliance Headquarters at 377 Walnut Street Waynesville NC 28786. A pot luck dinner will be served. All interested parties are welcome to attend and admission is free.

Vernon Robinson is President of Robinson Stratavision Counseling. He is the latest in line of a family of veterans that goes back to his five great grandfather at the Battle of New Orleans.

A 1977 Air Force Academy grad, Robinson now concerns himself with defending the Constitution from domestic enemies, Marxists who now control the opposition party, and useful idiots in the GOP who compromise the Constitution.

After the election, the duty of the citizen is to guide their elected officials to preserve or restore a limited constitutional government built on the idea that citizens are sovereign with unalienable rights that come from God. The biggest impediment to performing that duty is access to timely information on what is happening in the Congress. He will discuss his experience with the grassroots organizing over the last 30 years and resources that help citizens do their duty to hold elected officials accountable.

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