The Brannon Broadcast

Paul Yeager with Dr. Greg Brannon in January 2016.
Paul Yeager with Dr. Greg Brannon in January 2016.

Dr. Greg Brannon, an obstetrician from Cary NC, has twice run for the United States Senate.  I have several times had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Dr. Brannon.  He is one of the most impressive men I have ever met.

My encounters with Greg Brannon were during his campaigns.  I spoke with him several times and also had the opportunity to listen to him speak to others, both one on one and in groups.

Dr. Brannon is a passionate Christian Conservative with what often appears to be a boundless reserve of energy.  Beyond the obvious strength of his faith and his belief in conservative principles, two things stand out about Greg.

  1. He has an obvious passion for American history and the United States Constitution, which has led him to have encyclopedic knowledge on those topics.  Listen to him speak without notes on these topics, and you will see what I mean.
  2. He recognizes that so many of our problems in America arise from allowing our Federal government to operate beyond the limits defined in the Constitution.  Ask Greg about a problem facing America, and his response is likely to begin with “well, this is what the Constitution says about that…”, usually followed by “therefore, this is what we should be doing…”.

While Greg is not currently campaigning (that I am aware of), he is currently doing a regular radio broadcast which can be streamed live on Facebook and also from his website at

Check him out – you will see what I mean.

Footnote:  I was inspired to write this post while watching a Facebook live stream of Greg recording his show.

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