Logic, Facts, and the Henson Letter

Haywood County GOP Chairman Ken Henson allegedly wrote a statement of support for Lynda Bennett which is published on her campaign website.

I use the word “allegedly”, as few who have worked with Henson would believe that he wrote it.  But this isn’t about who wrote the letter, it is about facts and logic that should be taken into account when reading that letter.

Everyone that was there knows that this audio has been manipulated to sound like the exact opposite of what really happened. It has been twisted to have different meaning from what Lynda was trying to say.

This is a claim that Lynda never spoke those words in that arrangement – that the audio was somehow manipulated to change the meaning of the words. That is clearly and unequivocally what the quote above says.

The audio of Lynda Bennett was manipulated by people who are seeking revenge.

More of the same – the audio was manipulated.  Furthermore, a motive of revenge is claimed.  Revenge for what?

The claim that the audio was manipulated will be repeated yet again. Never mind the fact that for less money than the Bennett camp has spent on “Official Conservative Ballots”, they could have had an expert analyze the recording and confirm the claim if it was true.

But the claim that the recording was manipulated is false. We know this because several witnesses present when the recording was made attest to it’s authenticity.

Lynda Bennett is a huge supporter of Trump. Lynda was scolding these guys for their behavior.

Here appears the other explanation for the audio – that Bennett was scolding others for their behavior.

So, we are supposed to believe that the altered audio shows Bennett scolding others?  If so, the alteration would help Bennett, not harm her.

Lynda was expressing her view that it was not right for ‘Never-Trumpers’ in the rest of the Republican Party to refuse to get behind the Presidential nominee selected by the voters.

Here again we have another incarnation of the second story. She wasn’t stating her own position, she was chastising others.

The manipulated recording hoax changed the meaning of the words into the exact opposite of what she was saying.

Now we’re back to the original story – that the audio was manipulated.

Many people have been attacked by them with innuendos and falsehoods.

And Ken Henson threatened me with violence, and lied about my actions. Another HCGOP crony filed a specious assault charge against me on which I was acquitted, despite dishonest testimony by several HCGOP ExCom members that failed to corroborate the charge. Bennett’s “testimony” was most Oscar-worthy.

These are not empty allegations – there were witnesses in every case.

After the Trump victory, Lynda Bennett was elected as the Secretary of the Haywood Republican Party. Then two years later she was promoted to vice-chair.

Use of the word “promoted” above might seem odd, but it is quite appropriate.  Bennett was in fact elected vice-chair – in an election where no one else was allowed to be nominated.  This too can be confirmed by witnesses.

It is not hard to cut and splice an audio and that is exactly what they did – to make it say something totally different than what the speaker actually said. I was there and I know what happened. These guys changed the audio to misrepresent the truth.

We now return to the original claim that the recording was altered. Never mind the fact that several witnesses attest that this is not the case.

Eventually some in this group were censured by the state NCGOP to prevent them from being able to attend any more Republican meetings and from holding offices.

By and large, the evidence against people was that they had dared to call out RINOs in local government.   Henson omits the fact that the censures all have a time limit.

The evidence against me consisted of a single Facebook post – a picture of a funny Gary Johnson for President t-shirt. The charge against me, which I had to travel to Cary to defend,  was not upheld, but that isn’t something that Henson or anyone else in the Bennett camp will admit.  I still have my evidence packet.

These are the people spreading bold-faced lies. Lynda Bennett did nothing wrong.

There was nothing wrong with not being a Trump supporter during the primary. There is everything wrong with lying about it.

When people are telling the truth, they have one story – the truth.  When people have two stories, especially when one obviates the need for the other, they are most likely lying.



You can read Statement from Haywood Republican Chair Ken Henson here.

(note:  clicking the link above may result in a security warning from you browser.  It did when I clicked it.)

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