HRA Supports Congressman Meadows

Today I listened to a speech given by Matt Coffay in Waynesville as he proudly announced he would be challenging U.S. House Representative Mark Meadows (R) for the 11th congressional district seat.

Coffay proclaimed “I’m here to tell you that I’m going to stand up to insurance companies. I’m going to stand up to the health insurance industry…and say that we need Medicare for all.”

Hearing this statement sent chills down my spine, this young man obviously believes in the redistribution of wealth or in simple terms stealing what I work for to pay for what others have not worked for.

This whole mentality is counter to the very capitalist ideals and free market principles that our country was founded on. In fact thinking like this by the Obama administration has left our children with a 20 trillion dollar debt and nothing to show for it.

The Haywood Republican Alliance will proudly support Congressman Mark Meadows in his re-election bid.

Congressman Meadows has demonstrated his ability and willingness to communicate and listen to the majority of his constituents in his district and then act based on that input.

Mark has often spent his days home working in local businesses where he gets first-hand interaction with the people he represents.

Mark keeps the voters informed through his newsletter, which all constituents can sign up for and receive free of charge.

Strong communication with constituents is the most basic thing a Congressman is supposed to do. Mark has done that well and listens to what his constituents are telling him.

Mark has also stood strong to his campaign promise of a complete repeal of Obamacare. We are thankful that he did not cave in to pressure from within his own party to replace one government healthcare plan with another government healthcare plan with a different name.

For all these reasons we stand beside Congressman Mark Meadows and encourage you to vote for sound proven leadership in the 11th district come election time.

Thank you
Jeremy Davis
Haywood Republican Alliance


7 Replies to “HRA Supports Congressman Meadows”

  1. Sir,

    You are either misinformed or you are not paying attention to what is happening in the USA.
    Many small business owners that cannot afford health insurance premiums and those with health issues that insurance companies will not cover were in that crowd along with many professionals that understand the issues.
    Do you have anyone in your family that does not have healthcare? If you did you would understand the issue which you clearly do not.
    You use all the buzz words like “redistribution” of wealth.
    Healthcare is a right sir. When you realize it or when it comes knocking on your door I hope you are not to proud to reconsider.


    1. So how did Obamacare help? Did it make providing insurance for your employees or yourself any less expensive?

    2. Healthcare is a “right”?

      You have a “right” to the labor and resources of others?

      Where on earth do you get that idea?

  2. Mr. Davis,
    Apparently may members of your party do not disagree with your views either?
    According to an article I have recently read it seems your party is changing and you do not understand why?

    below is an excerpt from an article written by Becky Johnson from the Smoky Mountain News:

    Haywood GOP leaders overthrown

    The patriot bloc had seized the reins of the party two years ago following a prolonged fight for control. Its members gradually entrenched themselves as precinct chairs, gaining a large majority on the 30-member executive committee, the party’s decision-making body.

    But in an unprecedented political maneuver, the mainstream branch of the party rallied its troops to take back control. Mainstream Republicans ousted the patriot faction en masse several weeks ago by recruiting their own slate to run for precinct chairs.

    When the dust settled, only two members of the patriot faction managed to hang onto their precinct chairs. The rest were defeated, dramatically reshaping the makeup of the party’s executive committee.

    “We have a new wave of precinct chairs so our executive committee is a little bit more stable now,” said Hannah Strum. “We have new people, we have new energy and new ideas.”

    Things aren’t so rosy for the patriot faction, however.

    “What really stings is that the very people who worked side-by-side with us, all of a sudden just flip-flopped,” said Jeremy Davis, a leader of the patriot faction and party finance chair until the overthrow.

    …members of the patriot bloc were seen by many as troublemakers. They were too radical for the mainstream Republicans in Haywood County and were accused of preventing growth of the party.

    1. The last paragraph of your comment illustrates how the story was not accurately presented.

      In reality, it wasn’t a matter of some being too conservative or not conservative enough, but a matter of whether governance was open and according to the NCGOP Plan of Organization, Roberts Rules of Order, and the votes of the Executive Committee, or according to the wishes of a select few.

  3. Actually the Pilgrims required that the well-off take care of those sick or injured or not able to take care of themselves. Inalienable Rights are not to be capitolized on. E. pluribus unum.

    1. Mr. Zimmerman, how is this relevant to the topic of health insurance?

      Did the Pilgrims forcibly take money from everyone to care for the sick, injured, or otherwise unable to take care of themselves?

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