Roy Cooper Blames Voters For HB142 Shortcomings

Well, not really… ¬†or did he?

In his speech this afternoon, Governor Cooper said:

“In a perfect world, we would have repealed HB2 today and added full statewide protections for LGBT North Carolinians. Unfortunately, our supermajority Republican legislature will not pass these protections. But this is an important goal that I will keep fighting for.”

So Roy didn’t overtly blame the voters, he blamed the “supermajority Republican legislature”.

So, who put the “supermajority Republican legislature” in Raleigh?

The voters of North Carolina did.

So who did Cooper really blame?

See the entire text of Cooper’s speech here.

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Paul Yeager is a software engineer and conservative activist from Waynesville.

One Reply to “Roy Cooper Blames Voters For HB142 Shortcomings”

  1. Providing special privileges to a single class of citizens is as in American as A state can get.
    The USA was founded on equal rights for all.
    Allowing cities to create special regulations may be an emotional cure but it is a slippery slope into confusion and danger.

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