Presnell: Haywood Commissioners Can End Emissions Inspection

House Update from Week 9 of the 2017 Legislative Long Session.
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March 27, 2017

Haywood Commissioners may block emissions removal

I need your help.

If you live in Haywood County and you are tired of wasting your time and money on vehicle emissions inspections, call and email Haywood County Commissioners to tell them.

Commissioners can be reached at:

If you agree with me that emissions testing is nothing more than another tax on the elderly with fixed incomes, middle and low income families and every other Haywood County driver, stand up and speak out to your Commissioners. We can get a provision to remove Haywood County from the list of counties required to perform emissions testing added to a bill this week, but only with your help and Commissioners’ support.

I believe emissions testing is pointless because:

  • If a driver spends at least $200 while trying to make vehicle repairs to pass emissions inspections, he or she can get a waiver and not have to pass emissions inspections at all. If you can just buy your way out of emissions inspections, WHAT’S THE POINT?
  • If your car is model year 1995 or older, it does not have to pass emissions testing at all. Given older cars generally have poorer emissions than newer ones and they’re precluded from emissions testing entirely, WHAT’S THE POINT?
  • The North Carolina Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) performed a study in which they recommended 31 counties for removal from emissions testing requirements – including Haywood County. If removal of Haywood, along with 30 other counties, keeps North Carolina well below federal ozone standards, WHAT’S THE POINT?
  • 17 states do not require any vehicle emissions inspections whatsoever. They manage to stay below federally mandated ozone standards (even high-population states, such as Florida), so WHAT’S THE POINT?

Emissions inspections are a money grab. If the requirement for Haywood County residents to get their vehicles inspected for emissions were removed, nothing would stop people from getting their cars inspected if they chose to do so. Forcing people to spend their hard-earned, limited resources on emissions inspections year after year, though, is wrong.

If you agree, please contact Haywood County Commissioners yourself and tell everyone you know to contact them as well. Also, please share this message with everyone you know in Haywood County. Commissioners’ support is needed to move forward with removing emissions inspections from Haywood County.



Comment: Two out of five Commissioners own businesses that make money doing inspections.  No conflict of interest there, right?

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Jeremy Davis
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